Our Process

Precision-driven for flawless results.

Everything we do at KC Specialty Tube is with an eye toward delivering a product made to your exact specifications. Our blemish-free tubing means no rework for you, cutting those costs by up to 70%. Our finishing capabilities and services include:

• Industry-leading flash removal
• Cutting to length
• Deburring
• ID/OD scarfing
• Managed inventory

Cutting-edge equipment

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the most advanced equipment available, enabling us to carefully mold thin-gauge tubing without causing defects.

Rafter Mill

Our Rafter Mill was commissioned with a focus on tube finish and tolerance. We hand-bundle our parts to ensure that our surface finish is the best cosmetic quality available in the United States. This takes a little more time, but it ensures you receive products you can process without rework. From tooling polishing to changeover to weld rolling the tubing, we ensure a blemish-free product arrives at your facility.

Haven Chamfer

Our Haven Chamfer cuts to tolerances of +/- .005” and produces shells that are ready for production. We can ship the material to you palletized, in gaylords, or in your own reusable containers.


We provide dimple free products when called out.

Band Saw

We can cut lengths to your specifications, including shorter lengths, using a band saw that can cut down to 12”. We can also ship in bundles or repackaged based on your needs.

Tested for toughness

We test every product before it goes out the door to ensure you’re getting a product that’s strong enough for any application.

We have the ability to do yield, tensile, and elongation tests and charpy tests. If you have needs that are beyond ASTM requirements, please let us know and we will work with you to find the best option to meets your needs.

We remetallize our aluminized tubing in line and then use smash and cone destructive testing to ensure that the weld seam can be reliably formed without failure.