Made to look the best.

Not only does every pristine finish have to turn heads, it also
has to withstand punishing temperatures, resist rust and corrosion, and be able
to take a beating.

Burner tube

Exposed to extreme high temperatures and moisture every day, burner tube requires strong steel and specialized finishing that our cosmetic tube delivers.


Not only does our cosmetic tube shine on a motorcycle, it’s manufactured with materials and finishes that can withstand the brutally hot, cold and wet conditions it’s exposed to on the road.


Strength is critical in an ATV roll bar. Our cosmetic tube is manufactured to deliver superior strength so safety is never in question.

Truck smoke stacks

The tube on a truck’s smoke stack has two jobs — stand out on the road and stand up to extreme heat. Made with the toughest steel and specialized finishes, our tube does both.

Our tube at work